Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take walk ins?

Yes we do – First come First serve! – It is best to visit the studio and book an appointment as a walk in is not guaranteed. During the week we take walk ins between appointments if we have time – On Saturdays we take walk ins from 11am-6pm. Appoinments require a $80-$100 deposit depending on the artist.

Can I call to book an appointment?

No – We prefer that you visit the studio or have a video consultation about your tattoo design. Then we can go over our schedule to book you in. No appointment is needed for a consultation in the studio, if you are not local you can book a video consultation with Butch and book your appointment during the consultation.

Do I need an appointment for a piercing?

No just walk in! Our piercer works Th-Fr 12-8 Sa 11-6

Must be over 16 unless it is ear piercing – all minors must have Parent

present and with I.D.

Do you tattoo minors?

16-18 with parents consent and they must be present – you must have ID – small tattoos only.

Do you do full day appointments?

Yes we do for large scale projects such as sleeves and backpieces.

We also do half day appointments for large projects.

Email Butch for information

How long for my tattoo to heal?

Tattoos typically take 7-10 days to heal – We wrap the tattoo with a bandage when the tattoo is completed – Keep tattoo covered and not exposed to air for 24 hours. Remove bandage and wash gently begin using a skin moisturizer 1-2 times a day.

Do not pick scabs! Apply small amounts of healing ointment once or twice a day – If it itches, rub or smack lightly to relieve itch – DO NOT PICK SCABS!

Do not use vaseline! Use a natural based skin moisturizer.

Do not touch tattoos or piercings without washing hands first!

What are the studio hours?

Strasburg studio hours: Tu-Fr: 12-8pm Sa: 11am-6pm Su-Mo Closed

Woodstock studio hours: Tu-Fr: 12-5:30 Sa: Appt. Only Su-Mo: Closed